About Us

“I grew up in Jefferson and I started doing construction to pay for college. It was something I started doing straight out of high school and I immediately enjoyed the work and felt I was a natural at it. After spending 4 years working under someone and learning as much as I could learn, I started my own company fall of 1997. Initially I did strictly framing for a developer, which helped me learn all aspects of construction. Within 3 years I was able to take on general contracting work, where I was in charge of the whole job from start to finish. After 10 years of doing this in North Jersey, I connected with a developer down here on LBI. The market is unlike the mainland in so many ways and I liked the idea of being a part of a second home type community. I have gradually built a name for myself building spec homes and new homes for homeowners, along with renovations. Now I have investors who I consistently work with to build their portfolios and a growing list of satisfied homeowners who will recommend me to the people they know. I love working on LBI and living here for so many reasons. I have the best clients in the world and for a place that most people just come to visit, it is such a tight knit community where you can’t go hardly anywhere without running into people you know. I love building houses here because it means I get to provide someone else with the ability to live the LBI dream like I am now.”

-Ross Newsom, Owner